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Youth in Technology Incubator has partnered with unique creatives, artists, organizations to bring fun workshops and events. With the help of these professional creatives, YTI workshops and events will help skill and technique development so that YTI participants can use these learned skills to better their future and change the world.


To best serve as many youth as possible in Santa Clara County, YTI has partnerships with cities, organizations, and non-profits across the county.  Along with our virtual workshops, these partnerships  allow us to host workshops and events at community centers and schools, which  makes YTI an accessible program to all Santa Clara County youth and young adults.


YTI & the YMCA have partnered to offer youth resources and classes through the YMCA. Find a wide range of FREE YTI classes from Sticker Making, Starting your own YouTube to Photoshop at a YMCA facility near you!

Interested in being apart of youth leaders to help run county campaigns, projects, and plan youth conference? Join the YTI Youth Council in partnership and led by the YMCA!

YTI has also partnered with organizations to help us reach communities to provide our resources to youth in all communities. We thrive to continue partnering with different organizations that will help us continue to reach communities to support youth. 

If you're interested in partnering with us, please email us at

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