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AACI YTI promotes healthy living, substance use education prevention, mental health awareness, suicide prevention, social emotional learning, and self-advocacy by providing youth FREE arts and multi-media education. Programs are designed for Santa Clara county youth and young adults ages 8-24 unless stated otherwise. 

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Stop Motion Animation Camp

February 20-23, 2024

1 - 3 PM @ Raynor Park in Sunnyvale 

Create a short stop motion animation film utilizing claymation! Learn and explore the fundamentals of the Stop Motion iPad app to create the perfect shots that will make for a smooth film. You will also learn how to create a storyboard, create backdrops, and make clay characters to help your film come to life.

YTI offers free trainings in the topics of social emotional learning, life skills, mental health, and suicide prevention to teens & adults.

Botvin Life Skills Training

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Transitions Training for ages 16+
6 sessions long, 1 hour each session
Designed to provide skills to those facing new roles & responsibilities that
come with the transition from high school into the workforce and further education. Students will learn:

  • Goal-Setting

  • Effective Communication

  • Managing Stress

  • Decision-Making & Risk

  • Managing Time & Money

  • Building Relationships

Be Sensitive, Be Brave

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Mental Health Training for teens and adults

1 hour and 30 minutes long
"Be Sensitive, Be Brave for Mental Health" infuses culture and diversity throughout a foundational workshop on mental health. This free workshop prepares community members to help friends and loved ones during times of distress. Learn how to recognize mental health conditions, what to do when someone needs support, and tools for maintaining good mental health.


Community members will learn how to:

  • Identify if someone is in mental distress

  • Practice being sensitive and brave in helping others

  • Increase awareness of mental health resources

  • Build resilience using a recipe for mental health

  • Build cultural sensitivity around mental health

  • Respond to community needs and decrease stigma

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Suicide Prevention Training for teens and adults

1 hour and 30 minutes long

“Be Sensitive, Be Brave for Suicide Prevention” infuses culture and diversity throughout a foundational workshop on suicide prevention. This free workshop teaches community members to act as eyes and ears for suicidal distress and to connect individuals to help.


Community members will learn how to:

  • Identify signs of suicide

  • Ask if someone is considering suicide sensitively and confidently

  • Connect individuals with the appropriate support

  • Approach suicide prevention in a culturally sensitive manner

  • Respond to community needs and decrease stigma

Specialized Workshops

Health Campaign Workshops
YTI offers a specialized workshop series for San Jose State University's Public Health Programs. Program students work with local media educators and agencies to create their own health campaigns on mental health, healthy living or substance use prevention targeted to their demographic of choice. This series is only available and catered to the SJSU Public Health Program. 

PSA workshops
YTI is offers specialized workshops with different organizations and schools. YTI will connect your organization or school to media educators who can teach youth how to create an effective PSA as well we the skills necessary to make one (graphic design, podcast, and video). 
Email if you're interested in customized workshops. 

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