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Scroll down to learn more about YTI's Teaching Artists! YTI's workshops are taught by a rotation of talented, Bay Area artists, videographers, creative agencies, graphic designers and more! You may also check out their personal sites and portfolios to see what they're up to outside of YTI. 

Do you care about community building through art? Become a Teaching Artist! As an artist, you will improve the health and well-being of Santa Clara County community members, teach youth valuable communication and self-advocacy skills, and lead students to create educational campaigns! 

We are open to a variety of workshops related to tech, media and arts. Send us your resume/ portfolio or any questions to

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Jess is a graphic designer, educator, arts curator, and community connector. She believes everyone should have the ability and access to create and express through art and actively seeks ways that she can engage people in meaningful creative expression. They emphasize holding space and providing opportunities for BIPOC artists, LGBTQ+ artists, and any other folks of marginalized identities that are historically under-resourced, underrepresented, and not welcome to be their full selves in institutionalized spaces.

When Jess is not teaching for YTI, she builds bridges across communities through active engagement, curation, workshops, and collaborations with other local creatives. Check out their site for more of their work. 

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Tyler is a self taught artist from San Jose, CA and has been

making art seriously for seven years. His main mediums are acrylics, digital, and ink. He also makes paintings on canvases, custom painted shoes, flower pots, helmets, you name it and he can paint it!

When Tyler is not teaching for YTI, he runs a custom Kendama and clothing company with his brother and teaches art at elementary schools around San Jose. 

Check out Tyler's Youtube Channel and storefront.

Sheetal has been an artist, designer, and an art teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area for 20 plus years.  She has been inspired to create art ever since she was eleven years old and has never stopped since.  Sheetal has been educated in the field of Fine Arts, Textile Design, Interior Design, and Graphic Design in New Delhi, India, and the San Francisco Bay Area. 

When Sheetal is not teaching for YTI, she runs her art business in Saratoga, California.


Rayos is a mixed media artist from San Jose. His work is reflective of his Chicano roots and bold, colorful style. His primary mediums include, but are not limited to collage, paint, and linocut print. 

When he is not teaching YTI workshops, Rayos showcases his work in galleries across the Bay Area and runs an online store



Tricia is an Emmy-nominated Producer & Director committed to creating media as a tool for education, social change and community engagement. As Head of FLACAFILMS, she is responsible for directing and producing videos for the local non-profit and corporate community in Silicon Valley, with the mission of highlighting social justice issues. 

When she is not teaching YTI workshops, Tricia is directing and producing documentaries, speaking at events, and organizing. You can check out her work here

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MIKE MCGEE (from Audacity Performing Arts)

Mighty Mike McGee is a published, world traveling poet, comedian and educator from San José, California. He has performed on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, NPR’s Snap Judgment, and CBC Radio and Television. McGee was appointed Poet Laureate of Santa Clara County for 2018 & 2019 and serves on the Board of Directors for Poetry Center San José.

You can learn more about Mike and his work here


Founded in 1989 as the result of a broad community mobilization in the City of San Jose and nationwide on behalf of multicultural arts, MACLA has promoted since its inception a vision of arts programming as a vehicle for civic dialogue and social equity. A hybrid urban arts space located in downtown San Jose and rooted in the Chicano/Latino experience, MACLA intersects many communities, cultures, and aesthetic approaches. 

You can check out more of their work as an organization here


CreaTV's mission is to inspire, educate, and connect San José communities, using media to foster civic engagement.
CreaTV provides the training, tools, and platforms that allow diverse and often under-served communities to tell their stories and express their views through digital media.

In addition to teaching, CreaTV produces non-commercial videos, hosts documentary programs, and a variety of other classes. You can see their services here


Trisha fell in love with the science and storytelling magic of photography, which lead to freelancing for local newspapers and magazines in college to the world of tech advancing the outreach of photojournalism. She worked in LA at a photo agency and eventually became a Getty photographer. 

She currently is a youth teacher as well as runs her own photo and video production. You can see more of her work here

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More Más Marami Arts develops and creates new works with emerging artists through creative collaborations and community engagement. They create theatre in community, for community.

More Más Marami Arts hosts theatre productions, script readings, open mics, educational workshops and more! You can check out their events here

The Audacity Performing Arts Project, Inc. is a community, collaborative youth performing arts organization. They profoundly believe in the transformative impression the arts can make on devalued communities. Audacity creates a shared inclusive culture of mutual respect, trust and responsibility that empowers people. A place where differences are resolved through mindful negotiation.

Audacity hosts afterschool programs, internships, collaborations with Silicon Valley schools and more! You can check out their programs here

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